News Bulletin
October 2003

Scripture for the month:
“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.”

Isaiah 40:8

  Arranging Services: Rick Sprague 1-936-271-0385 

Sunday Services: Wednesday Services:
10/5 10:00AM Randy Ballard 10/1 7:30PM Singing
2:30PM Theron Spradley
10/12 10:00AM   Greg Shores 10/8 7:30PM Jay Messer
4:00PM Brian Spradley
10/19 10:00AM Randy Ballard 10/15 7:30PM Randy Ballard
4:00PM Marvin Roberts
10/26 10:00AM Jay Messer 10/22 7:30PM Jeff Hammonds
4:00PM Paul Willmon
10/29 7:30PM Marvin Roberts
Birthdays/Anniversaries                                       To Contact Randy Ballard

1         Lawrence Moffett                                                Phone: 713-895-2900 ext.9273

4    Jeff Hammonds                                                   Email:
8    Stephen Moore
9    Riley Spradley
12   Brooke Spradley
13      Brian & Tresa Spradley
21      Dorothy Cabaniss
23   Parker Willmon
24   Staci Perrin
Upcoming Area Meetings                                   Lunch
None at this time                                                     5 Potluck
Other Announcements
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