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News Bulletin
November 2003

Scripture for the month:
“No one having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”
- Luke 9:62

Arranging Services: Marvin Roberts 

Sunday Services: Wednesday Services:
11/2 10:00AM Randy Ballard
PM Todd Perrin
11/5 7:30PM Singing
11/9 10:00AM   Marvin Roberts
4:00PM Jeff Hammonds
11/12 7:30PM Theron Spradley
11/16 10:00AM Randy Ballard
4:00PM Greg Shores
11/19 7:30PM Paul Willmon
11/23 10:00AM Rick Sprague
4:00PM Marvin Roberts
11/26 7:30PM Brett Hammonds
11/30 10:00AM Jay Messer
4:00PM Brian Spradley


To Contact Randy Ballard

6    Theron Spradley   Phone: 281-656-2612
8    Kathy Roberts   Email: ballardr@houtx.net
20    Todd & Staci Perrin    
24    Ryan Spradley Communion Service
29    Sarah Askins 2    Keith Waldon
    9    Lawrence Moffett
    16    Jason Spradley
    23    Troy Spradley
    30    James Juranek

Upcoming Area Meetings


  None at this time



Other Announcements


Randy, Kathy, & Caleb Ballard’s new address: 

  14811 Shadway Drive    
  Houston, Texas 77084    

Our website address: www.newtestamentchurch.org/a/fairbanks
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