What is the best way to bring visitors in our community to our site?

1. Location Key Words... When it comes to your site, "location, location, location..." is very important. For example, if you want people who move into your area to find your website, you need to use some location key words...

Example: Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Texas, TX, 76017, Rolling Hills (community), Jackson County

Any word that describes where you are located and the surrounding area is a good key word. Location Key Words will most likely be your most important Key Words for people to come to your site.

2. Subject Key Words... For example, faith, salvation, baptism, baptize, heaven, etc.

3. Name Key Words... For example, Church, Christ, God, etc.

4. Phrases are sometimes even better. After you choose 20 to 50 Key Words, try to select 7 to 15 phrases that would best describe your site. One that most of us will use is: Church of Christ... However, there are thousands of Churches of Christ listed on the Internet, so in addition to Church of Christ, choose other phrases that describe the congregation you attend.

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