Table of Contents


bulletSong:  Point Me to the Cross bulletM. Lynwood Smith / Curtis Doss

bulletIntroduction:  What Must I Do To Be Saved? bulletJames Cating

  1. Hear bulletRon Courter
  2. Believe bulletGeorge F. Battey
  3. Repent bulletGeorge F. Battey
  4. Confess bulletGreg Gay
  5. Baptize bulletDr. James D. Orten
  6. Added to the Church that Jesus Built bulletTerry Baze
  7. Christian Virtues ~ Faithful Unto Death bulletWayne Fussell
bulletClosing Comments bulletJames Cating

bulletSong:  I've Washed and Been Made Clean bulletMike Rogers

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bulletProduced By  bulletDavid Risener
bulletSongs bulletCourtesy of Rejoice Records
Praise Volume I  CD
     Blessed Fountain  CD
     613 Buckaroo
     Peculiar, MO  64078 bulletCourtesy of  M. Lynwood Smith Publications
     2789 Loyd Star Lane, NW
     Wesson, MS  39191 bulletVolume II  ~  Special Thanks To bulletM. Lynwood Smith, Curtis Doss, Mike Rogers, Larry Bradford (and singers), James Cating, Ron Courter, George F. Battey, Greg Gay, Dr. James D. Orten, Terry Baze, Wayne Fussell, Duane Permenter, Billy Dickinson, Jim Crouch, Dr. Joe L. Norton, Eric Courter, Francis Romans, Debbie Edwards, Royce Butler, Aaron Risener, Linda Risener, Shawn Risener

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