Njobvu Church Meeting, Njobvu Village, Thyolo District, Malawi
November 24, 2002

Njobvu village is located in the heart of the tea and coffee estates of the Shire Highlands area of Thyolo District. This is a densely populated area of the country because many people are required to work on the estates. Of course, this is why there are many congregations in the Thyolo District. Our participation in the Njobvu congregationís meeting was on the Lordís Day. The village chiefís son, J. Njobvu is the preacher for the congregation. 

In addition to producing tea and coffee, Thyolo District is one of the areas where bananas are grown for the markets. Davidson Kasambwe and I each were given a large stalk of bananas as gifts. We both were also given a large bag of tea and a large bag of coffee. --Jim Franklin

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