Katole Church of Christ
August 18, 2002

The meeting at the Katole church took place on August 18, 2002. As you can see, when Davidson Kasambwe I arrived to conduct the service, we found a very nice crowd gathered for worship. There were visitors from nearby congregations in attendance, including a number of preachers. Katole village is 265 km north of Blantyre on the shore of Lake Malawi in Mangochi District. The work in this area began with Davidson Kasambwe’s family after his conversion by Roy Lee Criswell. Davidson was born not too far from where the church building is located in Malembo village, the village next to Katole. Many of Davidson’s relatives are from Katole as well as Malembo. His parents moved to Katole village when he was very young, and since that time, it has become his traditional home village. When it comes time for him to turn his translating responsibilities over to someone else, he will return to Katole from Bantyre to make his home permanently.

In this photo, Davidson is standing in the front right hand side of the crowd. He has on a gray safari suit. Next to him on his right is Chief Katole, his nephew. Next to Chief Katole on his right is the preacher for the Katole congregation, Bro. F. Khudzu. --Jim Franklin


Photo of the Chiefs in Attendance

There were eight chiefs from surrounding villages in attendance. Looking from left to right is Chief Domwe, Chief Chilimba, Chief Mwalala, Chief Mbinda, Chief Katole, Chief Kholowele, Chief Usufu and last, Chief Matekwe. Chief Matekwe is the group chief. This means that he is ranked above the others in this group and they are subject to him. --Jim Franklin


Photo of the Baobab Tree

As you can see, the baobab tree will grow to be very large. A conservative estimate of the diameter of this tree is that it is no less than ten feet in diameter at the base. (I have seen them larger). This tree is located in Malembo village, the village bordering Katole. Standing under the tree is Moffat Zuze, Lester Kasambwe and Davidson’s grandaughter, Inez, who came with us from Blantyre. The vehicle is the Nissan Patrol which some of our thoughtful and generous brethren in the States supplied for this work. --Jim Franklin

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