The Greatest Stories
Ever Told

A Book of Sermons By:  Jerry Dickinson

Jerry Dickinson has been preaching the Gospel in various parts of the United States for thirty years.  He has worked with several Churches of Christ in Georgia, Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  He presently lives in Houston, Texas and holds gospel meetings throughout the country each year.  Everywhere he goes people love his narrative style of preaching, and the children in the audience are as captivated by his sermons as are the adults.

Jerry has an uncanny ability to make the stories of the Bible come alive and to make Biblical characters sit up and speak, though they have been dead for thousands of years.  Not only so, but he draws out principles and truths that you do not perceive when you read the story on your own.  He has, in short, a gift for retelling Bible stories.

Besides preaching the gospel, Jerry has been teaching school for the past eighteen years.  Presently, he is a Behavior Management Specialist in an elementary school in Baytown, Texas.  He received a Master’s Degree in Education in 1984 from the University of Houston, Clear Lake.

Jerry has been married to his wife Judy (a true Preacher’s wife) for twenty-nine years.  They have four children, Leah, Jason, Derek, and Amy.  He loves to collect old books and canes, or as he calls them, walking sticks.

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