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"Blessed is he that Readeth"

"In the book of Revelation, we have the most beautiful picture of the church painted by the most descriptive words ever written in the history of man."

"After forty-five years of study and many prayers for guidance, I decided to compile my findings into a book. There were many hurdles to overcome, such as the first resurrection and how to be blessed by taking part in it, the three woes, the thousand year reign, the little season, the chain that bound satan, the battle of Armageddon, and many more. With the help of God in studying His Word and pouring over the pages of history, I think that I have a better understanding of all of these things. I hope that this book will help others to understand the book of Revelation better also and be blessed by it." WF Little

Exploring Revelations by WF Little ------------------- $20.00

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