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Tue, 11 Dec 2001 22:22:17 -0600 (CST)
Thanks for posting the funeral arrangements for Wilber Smith.  And Thanks for posting the photograph!!  That was a nice touch.  Joycelyn and her boys really appreated it.  Jim Reiser

Mon, 10 Dec 2001 09:13:16 -0600 (CST)
Thanks, for all the hard work.  Folks all over the country praise your work.  You are a valuable asset to the Lord's work.  I hope you know that.  Love, Wayne Fussell

Thu, 11 Oct 2001 10:52:14 -0500 (CDT)
Just wanted to send a thank you for including me in the Church's e-mail list.  I don't get to use the internet much, but when I do I will enjoy hearing from other Christians and hopefully be able to send encouraging words to others.  It is hard to find anything in this world that is centered around Jesus Christ and the true Gospel.  Thanks so much!  Jennifer Cochran

Mon, 16 Jul 2001 09:44:48 -0500 (CDT)
This link is a real blessing to me as a new sister in Christ!  Keep up the GREAT work!  Julie Righter

Tue, May 22 2001 12:55 PM
This is a really helpful sight... I am a member of the church and there are times I have questions and this is a great place to look for help in finding an answer... thanks for all the hard work put into this site... God Bless

Mon, May 21 2001
This link is a real blessing to me as a new sister in Christ!  Keep up the GREAT work! Julie A. Simpson

Wed, May 9, 2001 1:31 PM
I am finding this site to be very helpfull,both to my husband Algie and myself.  Sister Carol Ann Adams

Sat, April 28, 2001 10:24 PM
We believe this is a very good work for the churches and hope it continues. Thank you!  Clayton & Dahlra Campbell

Sat, 28 Apr 2001 2:06 AM
I am really glad to have this service. I have been able to read about long-time friends and relatives, prayer list, etc.  Thanks so much for your hard work. You are doing a great job.  Gladys & Jim Finto 

Fri, 16 Mar 2001 12:39 AM
My compliments!  The information/set up and appearance of this site is quite professional. - Brad Cook 

Thu, 15 Mar 2001 7:16 AM
Re: 6 Volume Gospel CD Series
This is one of the best ideas I have heard of in a long time for personal evangelism. In Him, Jamie Leonard

Tue, 20 Feb 2001 16:12:18 -0600 (CST)
You do a great service for Christians and our family is very grateful for all of your hard work. In Christ, Robin Coon

Fri, 19 Jan 2001 9:53 AM
Just a note of thanks for all the good work you are doing to keep the brotherhood informed on all the various prayer requests.  May you be blessed in your efforts.  Thank you.  In Him - Gregg and Ann Whittaker

Fri, 26 Jan 2001 16:26:08 -0600 (CST)
Thank you so much for the work that you put into this.  It is greatly appreciated by all those that use it! Amanda Daniel

On 1/29/2001 at 10:50 AM
I certainly do enjoy this site!  Brother Algie Adams

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