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George H. Bostock, member of the Tyler New Testament Church of Christ, retired September 1, 1998 after 13 years working for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  George also worked as a firefighter 23 years for the Spring Branch Fire Department in Houston, Texas, after overcoming polio at the age of 16.   George has not let his disability keep him from holding down jobs to support his family and to attend worship services every Lord's Day.  He elected to work the night shift for all the 13 years, so that he would not have to work on Lord's Day morning.   This shows where he placed his priorities when it came to serving God.  The Bostock Family live in Galatin, Texas which is about 40 miles from Tyler. George is married to KayeVon (Williamson) Bostock, and they have two sons, George H. Bostock, Jr. age 19 and Joseph Coleman Bostock, age 16.

George's family honored him with a RETIREMENT PARTY ..."COOK-OUT"   at their home in Galatin on the evening of Saturday, August 29, 1998.   Gathering to honor George on this very special occasion and accomplishment in his life were a host of relatives and members of the Tyler congregation.  George is a very out-going, likeable person and is dedicated to serving our Lord.  ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT, GEORGE, YOU REALLY DESERVE IT !!!
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