Cinnamon Rolls

bullet5 frozen dough loaves
bulletLarge bag brown sugar
bullet2 large pkgs. butterscotch morsels
bullet1 can cinnamon
bulletLots of margarine or butter
bullet cup milk
bulletThaw frozen loaves in refrigerator overnight
bulletWill need 3 to 4 large oblong cake pans, pyrex or aluminum
bulletTake each loaf individually, roll as thin as possible (after rolling jellyroll style, stretch them longer lenghwise for thinner dough)
bulletPut cube butter, cup brown sugar, 1 tsp. cinnamon in each pan
bulletPlace in warm oven to melt butter, then remove and stir mixture well
bulletIn double boiler, melt butterscotch morsels, cube butter & cup milk
bulletAfter rolling loaves out, spread generously with soft butter, sprinkle brown sugar generously, & sprinkle overall with cinnamon
bulletRoll dough lengthwise jellyroll style; then gently stretch to 1 times original length Slice into " slices
bulletPlace slices flat in butter mixture in pan, sides touching
(NOTE: Thicker slices will be hard to get center rolls done without outer ones getting hard)
bulletSpoon butterscotch mixture generously over rolls
bulletBake at 350 for 30 minutes or until done (check often as ovens vary; with a fork check sides of rolls in middle testing for doneness)

COMMENTS:  These are a really fantastic treat created by Evelyn Lum, who was my mother! She made many dozens of these rolls for numerous preachers of the gospel, and other guests in her home, although, she made the dough from scratch in the earlier years. During her later years, she started using the frozen bread dough, and that is the method I know. My mother departed this earthly life in June of 1997, and she left behind a wonderful array of memories of her cooking abilities, but more important, she has left all who knew her with the precious memories that can only be created by a true child of God!

From The Kitchen Of:    Carolyn Jones,  Church of Christ ~ Exchange Parkway, Allen, TX

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