Cranberry/Orange Muffins

bullet2 cups flour
bullet1 cup sugar
bullet1 Tbs baking powder
bullet1 tsp salt
bullet tsp cinnamon
bullet2 eggs
bullet cup oil
bullet cup melted butter
bullet cup milk
bullet1 tsp vanilla
bullet2 tsp orange extract
bullet cup orange marmalade
bullet6 oz whole fresh cranberries
bulletPreheat oven to 350
bulletSift together all the dry ingredients
bulletMake a well in the center
bulletAdd the eggs, oil, butter, milk, vanilla, and orange extract
bulletBlend by hand
bulletMix the marmalade and cranberries and add in
bulletSpoon into a wax paper-lined 12 unit muffin pan
bulletBake for 30-35 minutes

Comment:  My mother-in-law was not a Christian, but she loved all of our church friends.  Three weeks before she died, she asked our good friends, David and Linda Risener, to go to a book store and buy a book for me.  The book is "The Muffin Lady" and my mother-in-law heard about the book on a radio talk show.  She couldn’t get out and shop by herself, but she wanted me to have that book.  This is the first recipe we tried out and it will always bring back memories to me of my mother-in-law.


From The Kitchen Of:    Evelyn Roodschild, Church of Christ ~ Exchange Parkway, Allen, TX

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