Chocolate Covered Cherries

bullet1/2 lb. butter
bullet1 can Eagle Brand condensed sweetened milk
bullet2 lbs. confectioners sugar
bullet2 large jars or 4 small jars of Maraschino cherries
bullet1 large & 1 small package semi-sweet chocolate chips
bullet3/4 stick paraffin wax
bulletDrain cherries and chill.  (Chill overnight--they are easier to work with the longer they chill)
bulletCream butter, then add milk and sugar in mixing bowl.  Chill for 30 minutes.
bulletHave extra powdered sugar set aside to dip hands in so cream mixture won't stick to hands.
bullet In palm of hand, place a small amount of cream mixture, then roll into a ball the size of a quarter.
bulletFlatten it out, then place a cherry inside and roll up to close, covering cherry completely.
bulletPlace covered cherries in plate or on cookie sheet until a lot are covered.
bulletPlace cherries in refrigerator or freezer for about 30 minutes.
bulletAs cherries are chilling, melt chocolate chips and paraffin wax in double boiler on low heat.
bulletUsing a toothpick, dip cherries one at a time into the melted chocolate and place on wax paper.
bulletCover toothpick hole with a drop of chocolate mixture.



From The Kitchen Of:  Nell Waters ~   43rd Street Church of Christ, Austin, TX

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