Peanut Clusters

bullet1 pound raw peanuts or almonds
bullet1  12 oz. package chocolate chip morsels
bullet1/4 stick paraffin wax
bulletPour peanuts or almonds on cookie sheet or jelly roll pan, making single layer.
bulletBake at 350 degrees, roasting until nuts are brown (just long enough to get good roasted flavor)
bulletStir occasionally while roasting.
bulletMeanwhile, melt chocolate chips and paraffin in top of a double boiler.
bulletLet cool.
bulletPoor cooled nuts into melted chocolate mixture and stir well.
bulletUsing a tablespoon, dip out onto wax paper, one at a time, and let cool.


Comment: You can use chocolate almond bark instead of morsels, but it won't be as rich looking as the morsels.    These are really good, if you like nuts!

From The Kitchen Of:  Nell Waters  ~  43rd Street Church of Christ, Austin, TX

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