Chess Squares


bullet1 box brown sugar
bullet1 cup white sugar
bullet1 cup oleo
bullet4 eggs, divided
bullet2 cups flour
bullet2 tsps. baking powder
bullet tsp. salt
bullet1 tsp. vanilla
bullet1 cup chopped pecans
bulletPreheat oven to 350
bulletCream sugars and oleo
bulletAdd egg yolks; beat well
bulletAdd remaining ingredients and beat well
bulletFold in stiffly beaten egg whites
bulletCook in well-greased 9 x 13 pan for 40 to 50 mins
bulletCut in squares while warm
bulletDust with confectioners sugar
bulletMakes 30 to 32 good-sized squares
bulletNOTE:   These freeze well

From The Kitchen Of:    Jean Roe  ~  Tyler Church of Christ, Tyler, TX

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