Almond Joy Cake


bullet2 cups flour
bullet2 cups sugar
bullet1 cup water
bullet1 stick oleo
bullet cup Crisco oil
bullet2 eggs
bullet3 tablespoon cocoa
bullet cup buttermilk
bullet1 tea. soda
bullet1 tea. vanilla flavoring
bullet tea salt
bulletMix flour and sugar in large bowl
bulletMix oleo and water, Crisco and cocoa in sauce pan and bring to a boil
bulletPour over flour & sugar mixture and mix well
bulletAdd rest of ingredients
bulletPour into baking pan
bulletBake at 350 for 22 minutes
(Bake in a long Pyrex dish ~ The batter will be very thin)


bullet1 cup sugar
bullet1 cup evaporated milk
bullet24 large marshmallows
bullet1  ...7-oz package coconut
bulletMix sugar, milk and marshmallows and bring to a boil
bulletAdd coconut and pour over cake while hot


bullet1 stick oleo
bullet1 12-oz package semi-sweet chocolate chips
bullet1 cup nuts, chopped
bulletMelt oleo & chips
bulletAdd nuts and spread on cake

From The Kitchen Of:  Pansy Hundley  ~ Church of Christ, Allen, TX 

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