Banana Pudding

bullet1 lrg. pkg. instant vanilla pudding mix
bullet2 cups milk
bullet1 (14 oz.) can Eagle Brand milk
bullet1 (8 oz.)  tub Cool Whip
bulletBananas, sliced  (Your choice of amount)
bulletVanilla Wafers  (Your choice of amount)
bulletMix vanilla pudding mix & milk together till well blended
bulletTo this mixture, add:  Eagle Brand Milk & Cool Whip to pudding
bulletUsing a 9 x 13 oblong dish, or a large bowl
bulletPlace a layer of Vanilla Wafers first
bulletThen a layer of pudding mix
bulletThen a layer of bananas
bulletThen a layer of pudding mix
bulletAlternate layers ending up with vanilla wafers on top
bulletRefrigerate until chilled, usually overnight

Comment:   This is a very different, but delicious banana pudding.  Sara always makes this and brings to our Church dinners.   It makes a very large bowl, but if you want any of it, you have to get a helping first time thru the line or you won't get any  ...there's not even a scraping of it left for Sara to take home.

From The Kitchen Of:    Sara Stout  ~  Tyler Church of Christ, Tyler, TX

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