Butterscotch Dessert


bullet1 stick butter
bullet1 cup flour
bullet1 cup chopped pecans
bulletKnead ingredients with hands until mixed well.
bulletPress into baking pan.
bulletBake at 350 until light brown.
bulletCool and set aside.


bullet8 ounces cream cheese
bullet3/4 cup powdered sugar, plus 2 more tablespoons powdered sugar
bullet3/4 cup Cool Whip
bulletBeat these three ingredients together. 
bulletSpread over the cooled crust.


bulletsmall package instant butterscotch pudding mix
bullet1  1/2 cups milk
bulletBeat the milk and pudding mix until thick.
bulletSpread over the cream cheese filling.

bulletTop with more Cool Whip.
bulletSprinkle with additional pecans.

bulletComment:  This is by far the most complimented dessert I've ever made.  I've been making this since I was about 12 years old--I got the recipe from my grandmother.

From the kitchen of: Shelley Totter, Frisco TX Church of Christ

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