Scripture Cake


bullet4 1/2 cups I Kings 4:22
bullet6 tablespoons I Samuel 14:25
bullet1 cup  Judges 5:25 (butter)
bullet1 teaspoon Amos 4:5 (baking powder)
bullet2 cups Jeremiah 6:20
bullet2 cups Samuel 30:12
bulletPinch of Leviticus
bullet2 cups Nahum 3:12
bullet2 teaspoons II Chronicles 9:9 (allspice or cinnamon)
bullet1 cup Numbers 17:8
bullet6 beaten Jeremiah 17:11
bullet1 cup Judges 4:19
bulletMix together and beat well (Proverbs 23:14).
bulletBake at 350 degrees for 1 hour or until done.
bulletSome ingredients are being given to eliminate any confusion.
bulletThis fruit cake consists of sugar, butter, milk, eggs, flour, honey, baking powder, figs, raisins, almonds, salt and spices.


From the kitchen of:   Christine Livingston, Fortner Street Church of Christ - Dothan AL

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