Grandmother Waters'
Smothered Chicken


bullet1 small hen
bullet1/3 cup flour
bullet2 cups water
bullet1 egg
bulletCut up small hen
bulletBrown in Dutch oven, using enough shortening as you do when fying a
bulletPour off all shortening, except 1/3 cup
bulletCover chicken with water & simmer until tender
bulletBreak the egg, separating the white from the yolk
bulletAdd the white to the chicken
bulletPut the yolk in a shaker or jar & add 1 1/2 to 2 cups cold water and 1/3 cup
bulletShake or stir until blended
bulletAdd to chicken, stirring as you add, and continue cooking until well blended
bulletComment: This is really good with buttermilk biscuits!  We ate this and
loved it when we were children.

From the kitchen of: Corine Thomison  ~   Church of Christ, Belton, Texas

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