(14 DAYS) 


bullet5 gallons whole cucumbers
bullet2 boxes plain salt
bullet1 box Alum
bullet1 gallon plus 1 qt. vinegar 
bulletpickling spices
bullet12 lbs. white sugar
bulletDissolve salt in water & pour over washed, whole cucumbers in a large churn. 
bulletWeight cucumbers down so they will be under water. 
bulletLet stand 14 days. (They will look ruined.) 
bulletRemove from churn & wash them & the churn. 
bulletSlice the cucumbers & return to the churn & cover with alum dissolved in water enough to cover the cucumbers. 
bulletLet stay 24 hours. 
bulletWash again with water & wash the churn. 
bulletReturn to churn & cover with vinegar. 
bulletLet stand 24 hours. 
bulletPour into sink & let drain. Do not wash this time. 
bulletTie several bags of pickling spices - maybe a tablespoon in each bag - & layer the cucumbers, sugar & spices, putting a good layer of sugar on top. 
bulletLet stay until the sugar is all melted & they will be ready to eat. 
bulletYou can leave in the churn or put in jars. 
bulletThis recipe was given to me by Sister Vivian Law of the Piedmont, AL congregation & is one of the best to me.


From the kitchen of:   Shirley Culbertson - Opp AL, Opp Church of Christ

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