Taco Salad


bullet1 large bag of salad 
bulletfor those who need to cook fast
bullet1 lb. ground lean hamburger or turkey
bullet1/2 cup salsa 
bulletmore would make the salad watery
bullet1 can garbanzo beans, drained
bullet1 can kidney beans, drained
bullet1 bunch radishes
bullet3 large tomatoes, sliced in thin wedges
bullet1/2 bag unsalted restaurant-style tortilla chips, crushed into bite- size pieces
bulletBrown ground hamburger or turkey.
bulletAdd salsa to the cooked meat & let cool.
bulletCombine all other ingredients together, mixing well.
bulletAdd ground meat last and stir together well.
bulletThis salad is good in any season of the year.  Not high in calories or cholesterol....and, it's very fast to make!    Mmmmmmm.    
bulletAdditional comment from Jean Roe:  These Taco Salads are a real hit at
the Church Dinners, and the sisters who bring them wait until they get ready to start setting up to combine all the ingredients.  If you don't have to watch calories or cholesterol, you could throw in some shredded cheddar cheese.  This is a very tasty dish and usually there's not a crumb of it left to take back home!

From the kitchen of: MaryLou Chaney, North Area Church of Christ, Sacramento, CA

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