Mrs. Wright's Baked Corn


bullet1 large pkg. frozen corn
bullet1 Tblsp. salt
bullet1/2 cup flour
bullet1/2 cup sugar
bulletMix the first four ingredients well
bulletPour into a buttered baking dish
bulletCover with milk and sprinkle with pepper
bulletBake at 350 degrees until thick
bulletStir twice while baking
bulletComment:  When I was a child in Olney, Texas, Mr. & Mrs. Wright ran a boarding house out of their home.  Mrs. Wright was a wonderful cook and
welcomed the local business men to eat lunch with her boarders.  Her baked
corn, hot rolls and stacked pies were among their favorites.

From the kitchen of: Lynne Hyman. 3rd & Temple Church of Christ,  Lubbock, Texas

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