The Royal 8 have just released their new album
"My Saviour, First Of All"

The Royal 8 are made up of:

        Paul Mackey
        Matt Trent
        Andy Trent
        Aaron DeGough
        Jacob DeGough
        Caleb DeGough
        Chris Osburn
        Brian Osburn

There are 12 songs which include:

        My Saviour, First Of All
        For The Lost
        I Call It Home
        I Just Can't Get Him Off My Mind
        Amazing Love
        Out Where The Cool Breezes Blow
        At The Crossing
        As The Deer
        I'm On My Way
        They Beheld His Glory
        Now The Day Is Over

We are selling CD's and tapes for $10 an album. We ask that you make all orders through our website at   You can also sample a few of our songs on the website as well as see various photos of the group.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Brian Osburn at  or  209-339-8785.   Thank you for your support.

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