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Binga, Zimbabwe

These pictures were taken the first of September 2002 during a weekend meeting at Binga, Zimbabwe where Bill Davis was preaching.  The meeting concluded with 45 being baptized for the remission of sins.  (Click on picture to enlarge)


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Mutanaure Meeting

This picture is of Brother Kadola, one of the Zimbabwean preachers who traveled with the Davises to a  meeting in mid-September 2002, where nine were baptized into Christ. The Mutanaure congregation started two or three years ago with two or three members and now numbers around 40.

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Brother Wickson

This picture is of Brother Wickson who has been in the church for many years and is now baptizing his grandchildren into the Kingdom of God.  Brother Wickson lost his wife a couple of years ago and has chosen to remain single and continue his work as a gospel preacher.  It is my understanding that the Africans commonly choose to remain single after losing their spouse. Brother Wickson also has grown sons who are good Church leaders and have secular jobs to support themselves.  Duane Permenter

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