These are the brethren and their children who attended the Gospel meeting at the Bwaila congregation in the town of Balaka on Saturday, 10 August, 2002. Balaka is located about 130 km north of Blantyre, Malawi via the Dzilewa Road. This was one of those meetings which stirs the heart of a preacher with enthusiasm and encouragement to do his very best in his presentation of the Gospel. What a grand opportunity to remind our brethren of “The Value of The Church of Christ of The New Testament!“ No one could have asked for better attendance, attention and singing. The Africans love to sing, and sing they do! They are not shy when it comes to singing. Most are good singers. But, if they are not, they sing anyhow and nobody ever seems to be critical or complain. Bro. D. L. Kapito is the preacher for the Bwaila church. He is the little man in the lower right hand side of the picture with the unmistakable bright shinning smile. Davidson Kasambwe, who translated for me, is standing just behind him. Look closely at the crowd--how many people do you think there are in this picture? Are you sure? Why not count them!  Jim Franklin

In this picture are preachers who attended this meeting .  We had preachers from the following districts: Balaka, Mangochi, Ntcheu and Blantyre.  These men work together so well!

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”
(Psalms 133:1--Emphasis mine-JF)


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