Chiputula Church Meeting
August 23, 2002

This meeting at the Chiputula congregation took place on Friday, August 23, 2002. The congregation is located in the city of Mzuzu, Mzimba District, Malawi. Mzimba is in the Northern Region of the country and it is the largest district in size in the country. However, the density of the population is considerably less than districts of the Southern Region. Even so, we have 18 congregations in villages scattered throughout the district. In addition, we have three congregations in the Nkata Bay District to the east of Mzuzu, and one congregation in Rumphi which is north of Mzuzu. Only a few of the congregations were represented at the meeting. This was due to the combined problems of distance and very high transportation costs. 

The preacher assisting the work in this area is Bro. B. Chitsulo. He works among the 22 congregations just mentioned, 14 of which he established since moving to Mzuzu in 1997. Eight were established by the late Bro. Fisher Magona before he died of what was believed to be a heart attack. We have provided Bro. Chitsulo with a motorcycle which he uses for his transportation to circulate among the congregations to assist and encourage them in the Faith. The membership of these congregations are small in number, but they are not short on enthusiasm.

In the photo, Davidson Kasambwe, who translated for me, is the man standing to the far right in the picture. The man standing to the right of Davidson is Bro. Chitsulo. The building in the background is the church building. --Jim Franklin

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