Chitete Church of Christ
August 5, 2002

On Sunday, August 5, 2002, Stephen Kasenda and I visited the new congregation of Chitete in Kasungu Boma, Kasungu District, Malawi. Kasungu Boma is 439 km north of Blantyre in the Central Region of the country. The Chitete congregation was started on May 14, 2002, at the home of Bro. M. Khosolo when Jerry Cutter visited the work in Malawi and conducted a meeting there. Bro. Khosolo is the preacher whom we sent to work with the congregations located on the estates in the Kasungu District. Even though there was not a congregation in Kasungu Boma at the time, Bro. Khosolo made his home there because the Boma is more or less central to the work. Our plans were for him to start a congregation as soon as it was possible to do so. With God’s blessings, a congregation is now established and growing. The congregation has moved from Bro. Khosolo’s home and now meets at the location you see in the photograph. This is a new private secondary school whose owner graciously allowed the brethren to rent as a place of worship on a regular basis. (Note! Boma has reference to the seat of Government. In this case, the District Government.) --Jim Franklin

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In this second photo are the brethren who took the initiative to work with Bro. Khosolo in starting the congregation and who have dedicated themselves to making sure that the effort will be successful. Bro. Khosolo is the man who has on the olive green coat, yellowish trousers and with his right hand on the left side of his chest (It appears that I took the photo at the wrong moment. Oh well, I am definitely a novice when it comes to using this digital camera). The lady standing next to Bro. Khosolo is his wife. --Jim Franklin


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