The Govati congregation is located about 80 km NW of Blantyre, Malawi. The occasion was a special meeting for members of congregations in the general area of Govati to come together for worship and to have fellowship with one another. I was their guest speaker for the Sunday service. Stephen Kasenda was the translator for me. The meeting took place under the arbor to the right in the picture. I did not get a count of the number in attendance. Not all present are in the picture. Some of the sisters were preparing food for the people when the picture was taken. In order to get everyone in the picture so that their faces could be seen, I had to climb into the luggage rack on top of the Nissan Patrol. By the way, there were four responses for baptism Sunday morning.

In Him,
Jim Franklin

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Precious Little Faces of Those You Lovingly Helped Feed
(distended abdomens are a result of malnutrition)
The "Give" and the "Receive" Blessing

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