Church of Christ in Gumba
July 25, 2002

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Representatives of six congregations gathered at the Gumba congregation for a Gospel meeting and fellowship on Friday, July 26, 2002.  The Gumba Church is located in Gumba Village, 420 km north of Blantyre in the Ntchisi District, Central Region, Malawi.  The six congregations represented are: Gumba, Kadamsana, Matenje, Gonondo, Kambvenje and Dete 2.  All the congregations are in the same general area of Ntchisi District.  This area of the country is not densely populated like the Southern Region.  Consequently, the membership of congregations in Ntchisi are not as large in number in comparison to those in the south.  This particular meeting was a wonderful experience.  The people were eager and ready for it. Attention was excellent!  People were drinking in every word. Of course, Davidson Kasambwe is one of the best translators around, and that helps tremendously.  He can put himself right into the spirit of your lesson.  The singing excelled anything I have heard in a long, long time!  I wish I had taken a tape recorder with me on this occasion. It would have been nice for me to be able to listen to these brethren sing from time to time. Also, it would have been good for interested brethren back home to have heard how well these brethren can sing. I can tell you this, this congregation sounded like a full chorus! No half-hearted singing by anyone! The singing "inspired" the "preaching" in me! Well, Davidson and I left Blantyre at 4 AM and arrived back home at 7 PM. We were very tired, but we were both happy and convinced that the results of this meeting were worth all the time and effort. --Jim Franklin

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There were 10 village headmen (chiefs) in attendance.  I was able to get 9 of them in this photo. From left to right, they are: Msiwa, Kalupsya, Group Village Headman Gumba, Kambiri, Asomba, Gonondo (who is standing in rear), Chibvala, Gumba and Kambvenje.  The chief not in the picture is Mankhanga.  Group Village Headman Gumba is a member of the Gumba congregation and serves as an elder.  If I understand correctly, all the chiefs present are subject to him.  The preacher for the Gumba congregation is F. M. Nantchingwa. --Jim Franklin

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