Jali Church Meeting
September 1, 2002

The worship service on Sunday, September 1, 2002, marked the conclusion of a weekend Gospel meeting hosted by the Jali congregation, Jali Village, Zomba District, Malawi. Jali is located 75 km northeast of Blantyre in a densely populated area of the country, an area where we have a number of congregations. As you can see, we had a nice turnout for the meeting. The meeting took place under a large arbor erected by the Jali brethren in order to accommodate the visitors. The man standing on the right of the picture in the front is the Group Village Headman. He is wearing a dark coat and light trousers . Standing to his right is the village Headmistress. (She is also a member of the Jali congregation). Just to their rear is the preacher for the congregation, Bro. E. Nakhozwe. I was the speaker for this occasion. Stephen Kasenda translated for me. --Jim Franklin

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