June 23, 2002, marked the "official" establishment of the Kachere congregation, Chitsonga Village, Blantyre District, Malawi. This congregation is the result of the efforts of one of our preachers, Bro. A. S. Chiwoko. As you can see, we had an attendance of over 150 people for the service. Included in our audience were five chiefs and ten preachers. After the service, the chief officially designated the plot for the Church to erect a building for worship. We will now register the congregation with the Government. My lesson on this occasion focused upon the significance of the Church of Christ in relation to the salvation of mankind. It was also noted that the Church of Christ today must maintain its identity with the Church of Christ of the New Testament in every respect, including not only name, but doctrine and practice as well. --Jim Franklin

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These are the chiefs who attended the meeting.   From left to right, they are : Chief Chitsonga, Chief Chimbonano, Chief Manjombe, Chief Malanga and Chief Sani.


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These are the preachers who attended the meeting. From left to right, they are brethren: A. S. Chiwoko, L. P. Maile, E. Zamadunga, C. D. Lipenga, D. Nakutepa, J. Rajabu, D. Dafter, J. Kasongo, J. Maiden and E. R. Kalugwire.


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This picture was taken when Chief Chitsonga gave me a brick to commemorate his designation of the site for the Church members to erect a building for worship. The site is that where the Traditional Court of the chiefs in the area once stood. As you can see, the old building has become a heap of ruins. However, it is an ideal location for a church building and the brethren are very happy the chief has given it to them. Standing to my right is Bro. Chiwoko. Standing to the left of Chief Chitsonga is his assistant.  --Jim Franklin


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