Meeting Hosted by Kanjedza Congregation
July 13, 2002

This meeting took place at the Kanjedza congregation located in the Domasi area of the northern part of Zomba District, Malawi, on July 13, 2002. This meeting was specially requested and arranged with us by brethren, not only from Kanjedza, but Ntwiche, Mchilingano, Namawata, Kachere, and Makungula congregations as well. The meeting was a very special occasion, the occasion being the fulfillment of their decision to be reunited with the brotherhood which has been in Malawi for close to half a century. The event was like a celebration of family being reconciled after having been separated and out of touch for a long, long time. We thank God for the joyous occasion! "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity." (Psalms 133:1). "Be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you." (2 Cor. 13:11).  AMEN!  --Jim Franklin

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Reconciliation Meeting was very successful !
These are the brethren who attended the reconciliation meeting of six congregations held at the Kanjedza congregation located near the Domasi College in the Zomba District of Malawi on Saturday, July 13, 2002. The man with the green skull cap on his head on the right side in the front of the picture is Chief Mwalija, the chief of the village where the Kanjedza church is located. Chief Mwalija is a Muslim. However, he became interested enough in the sermon that he began to read the Scriptures in the Bible belonging to the man sitting next to him. When the congregation sang the last song, Bro. Albert Brumley's "This World Is Not My Home" (sung in Chichewa), he joined right in and sang as enthusiastically as a member of the church! THAT is unusual for a Muslim to do, i.e. to sing a "Christian" song. By the way, the man who gave the land for the church to build their building (they have just laid the foundation) is also a Muslim.

002.jpg (360868 bytes) These are brethren and their families who attend the Kanjedza congregation.
003.jpg (356905 bytes) Brethren who represented the Ntwiche congregation.
004.jpg (375928 bytes) The Mchilingano congregation was represented by these brethren.
005.jpg (319197 bytes) These two brothers and three sisters represented the membership of their home congregation of Namawato.
006.jpg (338222 bytes) These are our brethren from the Kachere congregation of Zomba District.
007.jpg (332981 bytes) Brethren and sisters from the Makungula congregation.
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With the exception of brethren Davidson Kasambwe, Stephen Kasenda and A.S. Chiwoko, these are preachers from the central and northern part of Zomba District who attended this meeting showing their support and encouragement of the brethren who were reconciled to the brotherhood.

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These are the preachers who have been reconciled with the brotherhood. They are also included in the picture with all the other preachers.  In the first row, the brother in the green suit is M. M. Chagoma. The brother standing next to him is Grey Phiri.  I cannot identify the others by sight, but their names are Josephy Kacherenga, Fredireck Chiopsya, H. Matabwa, Enock Basile and G. Mantchichi.

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