Kapirinjoti Church, Lipondo Village, Mangochi District, Malawi
August 29, 2002

On Thursday, August 29, 2002, Stephen Kasenda and I traveled 223 km north of Blantyre, Malawi up into the mountains west of Mangochi Boma (Seat of Government of Mangochi District) to visit the little congregation of Kapirinjoti in Lipondo village. Along the way from Blantyre, we picked up 8 preachers who wanted to attend the meeting to encourage the brethren. This congregation was established a little less than two years ago in an area where we do not have congregations nearby. This was the first time for me to visit these brethren. I was very happy to meet them, and they were really appreciative of our coming to encourage them in their efforts. With the exception of Stephen and the eight preachers, all of these people you see in the photo attend the Kapirinjoti congregation regularly. --Jim Franklin

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