On Friday, August 16, 2002, Stephen Kasenda and I left Blantyre, Malawi and traveled 103 km east to the Khande church in Phalombe District for a meeting with brethren in the area. There were 5 baptisms this morning. Also, we were informed that another new congregation has been established in the area. The work is growing. This area of Phalombe is Stephenís real home, the place where he was born and grew up. Of course, the wild animals that were around when Stephen was a child are gone. They have been replaced by people. As you can see, we had a good number to attend the meeting. Stephen is the man in the lower extreme right. Standing to his right is the preacher for Khande, Bro. J. Thamanga. The man to his right is the UDF party chairman who visited the meeting. The man to the chairmanís right, a tall man, is the village chief. The man in the handicapped cycle received the vehicle from the MAP (Malawi Against Polio) organization. If you look carefully at the children on the far left, you will see some have distended stomachs, the sign of malnutrition. In the distant background of the picture you can see a number of trees without leaves. These are the famous baobab trees--the upside down tree. They are called this because the trees look like the root system of an ordinary tree if you were to dig it up.  --Jim Franklin


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