Komwa Church Meeting
August 31, 2002

I was scheduled to be the speaker during the Saturday session of the Komwa congregation’s meeting. Komwa is located in Komwa village about 75 northeast of Blantyre in Zomba District, Malawi. Stephen Kasenda accompanied me and did the translating. These brethren expressed their interest in the Gospel by both their attendance and giving good attention to the lesson. This area is one of those where things are happening which makes it is necessary for us to present the Bible’s strong emphasis upon the fact that only in Jesus Christ the Lord God offers salvation to mankind from the condemnation of the sentence of death. We took the Apostle Paul’s exhortation of Col. 2:4-10 as our text to encourage our brethren not to allow themselves to be beguiled by enticing words and “spoiled” by people who give not our Lord Jesus Christ the honor and recognition the Father attributes to Him. --Jim Franklin


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