Ghana 2002
Trip By Joe Norton & Mark Elliott, Jr.
Comments By Joe Norton

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This picture was taken Lord's day morning in Takoradi where the congregation meets in a room at the YMCA.  This is part of a new congregation in the town of Kukarantumi in the Central Region.  This group is part of one of the older congregations in the Central Region at a village called Huhunya.  They have met in this temporary for many years, and they have begun a new building nearby.  The preacher at this congregation is Kwao Daughtey.  A few of the leaders at the church in Koforidua came together to meet with us in the middle of the day.  Koforidua is a major city in the Central Region. At the edge of the capital city of Accra and near the airport is a concentration of woodcarvers.


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This church building is being built in Kumasi, Ghana, an industrial city and the second largest city in the country.  The brethren began this building about one year ago and are almost ready to put on the roof.

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In these first three pictures, I am ready to leave for the airport to come home, and several church members came to the hotel and accompanied me to the airport.

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