This is the gathering of brethren for the Gospel meeting at the Mahulula church on Saturday, August 17, 2002. Mahulula is located about 50 km N.E. of Blantyre, Malawi in the Zomba District. Bro. James Matimati, Jr. is the preacher for this congregation. Due to the recent “wholesale” influx of a certain religious sect in the country, we have begun making special emphasis of the Bible’s teaching concerning the important role of the Church of Christ of the New Testament in God‘s redemption plan for mankind. I think someone once said, “The best defense is a good offense.“ I am inclined to believe it, and that is exactly our approach to “contend(ing) for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” There were three responses for baptism on this occasion, all men.

In the lower right of the picture, Stephen Kasenda is the first man in what would be the first row of adults. He has on a pink looking shirt. (Stephen looks shorter than he is because he is standing in a furrow). To his right, in a white shirt, is Chief Mahulula. To the right of the chief and slightly to his rear is Bro. James Matimati, Jr. He has on a coat which is slightly open. (You can view the separate pictures of his father who is 99 years old under “Bro. Matimati” in this same section of “Out Of Africa”). --Jim Franklin

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