Mayela Church of Christ
August 3, 2002

This is the excellent crowd who attended the meeting at the Mayela congregation, Kandeu Village, Mangochi District, Malawi, on Saturday, August 3, 2002.  The Mayela Church is located 236 km north of Blantyre.  It is located 18 km off the Mangochi / Monkey Bay road to the west in an area which was a primitive forest until recent years.  There were a few elephants in the general area up to about two years ago.  I am not certain, but I think they are now extinct due to human encroachment of their natural feeding grounds.  This was my third trip to Mayela.  I was there in late 1991, again in 1999 and now in 2002.  I have seen a tremendous growth take place in this work.  Bro. J. P. Kalongonda, the preacher for Mayela, is to be commended for the tireless efforts he puts into the work.  The UDF Party Chairman who attended the meeting said that Bro. Kalongonda is a little man on the outside, but a big man on the inside.  Davidson Kasambwe, who translated for me, is the fourth man from the right in front row of men. (He has on a dark brown safari suit). The man standing to his right in the blue shirt is Bro. Kalongonda.  The first man on the extreme right in the front row is the UDF Party Chairman.  The man standing to his right with the blue hat on is Chief Kandeu, a Muslim. --Jim Franklin

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