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These are the brethren and visitors who attended the last service of a meeting held at Minjenjete Church on Sunday, July 21, 2002.  Bro. M. F. Kandunde is the preacher for the congregation. I was the guest speaker for the final service and Stephen Kasenda did the translating.  Minjenjete Church is located about 65 km north of Blantyre in Chisawa Village near Mayaka in Zomba District, Malawi.  How many people can you count?  --Jim Franklin
Note from Editor David Risener gospel@NewTestamentChurch.org
If someone gets a true count and can confirm it 3 times, I will post your answer.  These are not just people, but souls eternally bound.  ...With God's help, ...we can make a difference!  [ If little is much when God is in it ...How much is Great when God is in it??? ]


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