Mphekule Church Meeting
December 22, 2002

The Mphekule congregation is located in Munlo Village, Chiradzulu District, Malawi. This is about 42 km east of Blantyre. This assembly took place on the Lord’s Day. Our subject was “The Church as the Temple of God.” These brethren gave me their undivided attention while I spoke. When the observance of the Lord’s Supper took place, it was total silence and reverence during the passing of the emblems. It was a spiritually uplifting meeting, a meeting which you can leave with the satisfaction of having worshipped “God in spirit and in truth.”

In the first row of adults behind the children on the left side, the man in the light gray suit coat is Brother Jonas Chiromo, the preacher for the congregation. To his left, the lady in the two tone red dress is Group Village Headmistress Munlo. 

Davidson Kasambwe was our translator. --Jim Franklin

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