Mulambe Church Meeting
December 21, 2002

The Mulambe congregation is located in Kaponya Village about 35 km north of Blantyre City in Blantyre District. As you can tell from the tires tracks of the Nissan, the ground is soft due to heavy rain which had fallen before we arrived. Of course, rain does affect attendance from other congregations. But even so, we have a very good meeting. Attention was excellent, even from the children. Rain started moving in again about the time we left. Gratefully, we made it out of the bush without getting stuck.

Chief Kaponya is the gentleman in the white shirt in the first row after the children on the left side. Standing just to his left is Chief Chikala, the lady in the blue dress, from Chikala Village which borders Kaponya Village. Bro. A.S. Chiwoko is the preacher for the congregation . Davidson Kasambwe served as our translator for the occasion. --Jim Franklin

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