Mulinga Church Meeting
Mwala Village, Zomba District, Malawi
December 7, 2002

The Mulinga meeting took place in one of the most dense areas we have in the country insofar as numbers of congregations are concerned. There were brethren from 44 congregations in attendance. A few of these brethren traveled by bicycles. However, the majority of them walked, some for a number of miles. In addition to the good representation of brethren from sister congregations, there were 76 preachers present! A number of these preachers had traveled on bicycles long distances from other locations in Zomba District, and some had come from as far away as Phalombe District. Also in attendance were the UDF Party Chairman, Village Headman Mwala and Group Village Headman Likomo. The preacher for the Mulinga congregation is Brother M. Singano.

The meeting took place under a very large grass arbor which was overflowing. As you would expect of the Africans, their singing was outstanding! No doubt but that people who were not members of the church living some distance away could hear the tremendous chorus of God’s people singing praise to Him. 

Our Scripture text on this special occasion was Hebrews 12:5-11. Our subject was “Chastisement, Reconciliation and Unity.” Davidson Kasambwe was our translator. --Jim Franklin

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