Mulunga Church of Christ
August 2, 2002

Mulunga congregation is located in the mountainous area of Makwasa in Thyolo District, Malawi.  Mulunga is not a large congregation, but with some of the members from three other small congregations which are nearby attending the meeting, we had a reasonably good crowd for this area.  We have an energetic young preacher by the name of M. Januari working with this congregation... and doing a good job!  This was my third visit to this congregation, the last being about two years ago.  I see real improvement in both attendance and interest.  We have had some religious (?) competition to move into this village area in recent months.  It was necessary for me to deal with the Scriptural fact that the sinner will be resurrected, condemned at the judgment, sentenced to eternal punishment and the sentence being carried out in full measure.  It was also necessary to point out that ALL the redeemed ones will spend their eternity in Heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father.  We had an audience who was interested in the subject and listened patiently to every word.  Stephen did the translating for me.  This meeting took place on Friday, August 2, 2002. --Jim Franklin


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