Mwanji Church of Christ
Liweya Village, Chiradzulu District, Malawi
November 23, 2002

The Mwanji Church meets under a grass arbor on the western slope of Mount Chiradzulu. The closest you can drive to the meeting place is about km. This congregation was started a little more than a year ago. The preacher is Bro. M. L. Likwengweja, the man in the front of the picture on the left side. There were six chiefs from surrounding villages in attendance. They are located in the front of the picture on the right side. Beginning on the outside, right to left, they are: Chief Kavina, Chief Liweya (the lady wearing the light green blouse and dark skirt), Group Chief Mpama (the lady with the white blouse and light blue skirt), Chief Mitepa (a lady), Group Chief Somera and Chief Moffat (a lady). The man in the yellow shirt behind Chief Liweya is Mr. Samuel Kachuma, the UDF Party chairman. Beside Davidson and myself, there were seven preachers who attended the meeting to encourage the congregation. --Jim Franklin

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