Nampwemwe Church of Christ
September 8, 2002

This is the good audience we had for services on Sunday, at the Nampwemwe congregation in Ngamwani Village, Thyolo District, Malawi, Africa. The Nampwemwe church building is located about 70 km south of Blantyre on the rugged mountains slopes of the Thyolo escarpment which descends to the Shire River. We could not drive to the building. We parked the Nissan about Ĺ km away from the building and finished the trip on foot down a very rocky path on the ridge of a mountain. Davidson Kasambe is the man on the far right. Standing to Davidsonís right is the village headman, Chief Ngamwani. The preacher for the congregation is Brother L. Chigamba. He is the man wearing the dark blue shirt not too far from the left side of the picture standing just behind the children. --Jim Franklin

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