Sagawa Church Meeting
Mulanje District, Malawi
November 15, 2002

The Sagawa congregation in Mulanje District hosted a meeting for congregations in their area the week-end of November 15th. I was invited to speak for the gathering on the 15th. Stephen Kasenda accompanied me and did the translating. As you see from the photo, we had a nice little gathering. The village chief, Chief Sagawa, attended the meeting even though he is not a member. The chief is the man dressed in blue standing to the left in the front of the picture. To the chief’s left is his counselor. To the left of the counselor is the UDF Party chairman (UDF is the ruling party of Malawi). (These three men are not members of the church--yet!) To the left of the party chairman is the preacher of the congregation, Bro. M. Zuze. He has on a brown shirt.

You will notice that the villagers have prepared their soil for planting, but the ground is as dry as a powder keg. After the first heavy rain comes and soaks the ground, the people will plant. The rains are late in coming, but hopefully they will come soon. We are praying for them.

The church building is located in the upper right hand of the photo. It is almost concealed by the bushes. The arbor under which we gathered is located on the right side of the building out of the view of the camera. --Jim Franklin

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