These are the brethren and visitors who gathered for worship at the Sakatembwe Church, Sunday morning, June 30, 2002. Sakatembwe is 48 km south of Blantyre City in Thyolo District and is located on the Thyolo escarpment which is east of the Shire River. You might say the congregation is located on the banks of the great Rift Valley. This is a very steep and rugged part of the country, but beautiful. The service took place under an arbor. In some ways, this works out nicely if there are not too many activities going on in a village. What is nice is when a stranger who is walking by hears enough of the lesson to stir their interest in it that they stop, listen and observe what is taking place. The man standing in the center toward the left side of the picture in a blue suit is Group Village Headman Mpenda. Each village has a chief, but all chiefs within a designated area are subject to a group chief. Sakatembwe is one of the areas under the authority of Chief Mpenda. --Jim Franklin

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