Church of Christ in Tsabola
July 19, 2002

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Stephen Kasenda and I joined with our fellow preachers, Brethren Nkhwazi, Nsona, Magalsi and Mulutiwa to conduct this meeting at the Tsabola church on July 19, 2002. Tsabola is located in Mukhori Village about 1 mile off the East Bank Road on the Thyolo escarpment. This means we were up on the side of the mountain range which descends down to the Shire River. Tsabola is in the Chikwawa District about 55 km south of Blantyre, Malawi. This congregation was established in March of 2002 by Bro. S. Nkhwazi. There are now 40 members. We had a most enjoyable meeting under the Mpandula tree just behind the crowd. The location of the church is away from the main road, so we had a very nice, quiet meeting. This picture gives you a good view of what the place looks like where the meeting took place. If you will note the second picture, you can see the faces of the brethren and visitors much better.  --Jim Franklin

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On the front row, beginning on the right and going left, we have preaching brethren Mulutiwa, Nsona, Nkhwazi and Magalsi. These preachers work very effectively together in this area of Malawi, each encouraging and supporting one another in their efforts to spread the Gospel.

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