June 9-20, 2002

We held the first Preachers’ Study in Cuba on June 13-14, 2002. We preached for 8 congregations. There were 10 baptisms during the trip, and 3 congregations were converted from the cups. There are now 16 congregations in Cuba! We thank the Irving congregation for sponsoring this work. Pray for the Cuban work. Juan Rodriguez, Jr.

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This is the congregation at Baracoa, Cuba. This picture was taken June 16, 2002. Several members from other congregations were present in this service. Bro. Juan Carlos Samon is the preacher in this place.

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This congregation is at San Luis, Baracoa, Cuba. This is out in the villages. Bro. Alexis Rodriguez Durian is the preacher.

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This is the congregation at the city of Guantanamo, Cuba. This congregation was converted from the cups in April 2002. Bro. Arcadis Milan is the preacher in this place. He is on the left of the picture.

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There were 25 preachers and leaders in attendance. Bro. Juan Rodriguez, Jr. and Elias Rodriguez did the preaching. Several sisters cooked for us during the study. They deserved to be in the picture. We ate a lot of rice and beans with no bread or tortillas, only fried bananas.

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Bro Juan Rodriguez, Jr. with two preachers from the province of Guantanamo, Cuba.  (Arcadis Milan Rousseaux, Juan Rodriguez, Jr., and Ricardo Pacheco Hodelin)

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Bro. Asuncion (Elias) Rodriguez presenting one of his topics. We presented 8 topics during the study and preached for 8 congregations.

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